20a5 Sales promotion


Sales promotion

We offer our clients a variety of promotional technologies.

- Consultants and beauty-consultant
Professional consultants have full information on all brand’s products and help consumers to make choice; they monitor stock and help to improve sales of brand’s products.

- Brand-ambassadors
Brand-ambassadors representing alcohol and tobacco brands, advise consumers on all matters relating to the product, monitor sales and product range.

- Make-up artists
Trained make-up artists help consumers to choose cosmetics and demonstrate product application techniques as well as make-up customers in promotional areas. After having professional make-up, clients are much more inclined to buy their favorite make-up products.

Promotion actions
- Spraying is a promotion aimed at attracting consumers to a new perfume and increase sales level. It is an opportunity to customers to be the first to test and appreciate the fragrance.
- Tasting is one of the favorite types of promotion among consumers, because it allows trying the product before making a purchase, as well as learning about its serving options.
- Gift for purchase always draws much attention to promotional campaigns and increases the level of sales.
- Sampling is a distribution of test samples of the product by a promoter in order to introduce them to consumers.
- Conducting quizzes, lotteries and other games involving consumers.